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Introducing Timelines


An easy way to manage all your events.

 The ultimate toolkit for savvy technology planners.

You need time, for you.

A you-based system.

Flexible timelines are perfect for building functions and events.
Manage your Spaces

Line up your events.

getting all your different details lined has never been easier, multiple plans, people, and tasks feel more organized!



Organize groups of people and their access to info.
Permissions at every level so you can keep all your moving pieces in one place.



Export entire timelines to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Whether it's just one post or the whole event, share with anyone on or off the platform.



Activity Feeds keep you up to date. Don't miss a thing!
Filter out what you need to feel like you're in the know, only see what's relevant to you.

Quick and Easy.

Events are flexible and easy to update.

Stay Updated on what's happening.

Don't miss a thing.


We think these pain points can be fixed.

Being inclusive shouldn't hinder your ability to plan and organize efficiently.
Easy to Use.

Clean Design.

We make everyday planning an experience you actually look forward to.
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